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"I attended my first Tim Martin showcase and not only was it a great experience and tons of fun but it helped kickstart my college recruiting! I started very under the radar low profile prospect but after this showcase that all changed. A week after this I started talking to a handful of d1 colleges and then it just kept going up from there. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity this showcase has given me. Now I have the opportunity to pursue my dream of playing division 1 baseball!"
-Collin Sweeney

"I just recently attended my first Time Martin Showcase this year. It was a great experience and it got me in front of some big schools and even big-league scouts. This was also the first time I got to play in front of a Big 10 school. From this showcase, I was able to get in contact and eventually commit to Penn State University. I believe that it was because of this showcase that I was able to commit to Penn State. I am very grateful for the opportunity that Tim Martins Showcase was able to give to me. I would highly encourage attending one of these showcases as they have great competition and very big schools watching them."
-Jimmy Nugent

"Good showcase to show out and show off your talents and skills. A lot of scouts to watch you perform and will give you a lot of opportunity. "
-Korbin Griffin

"My son recently participated in Showcase. Had appx 180 players and everyone had equal opportunities to showcase their skills and talents. Coaches and scouts were engaging, with the players and seemed to be invested in them during the day. Players showed their skills for 3 hours and each player had the opportunity to play in one of 5 games that went on throughout the day. 22 colleges were represented, 8 pro scouts, and 40 DI schools requested the video of the day's events. It was obvious Tim Martin seems to be doing this for all the right reasons in creating opportunities for these players. If you or your favorite high school player gets an invite to the next showcase I encourage you to clear your schedule and attend. My son has attended and been invited to 10+ showcases over the summer and he said this was by far his best experience of all of them and was very thankful to have this experience."
-Brian Cook

"I would first of all like to thank Tim Martin for inviting our program at Trevecca Nazarene University to attend his annual showcase this fall. It was evident from the beginning that Tim puts a lot of time into making this showcase a great experience for everyone involved. If you are a parent of a potential college baseball player, I would highly recommend attending this event. College coaches from all levels were in attendance, and I feel confident in saying that many of the players from this event will receive an opportunity at the next level from the exposure they received. Players are given the opportunity to not only showcase their skills in a pro-style workout, but also in a game atmosphere. The facility the event takes place in is fantastic, and the people in charge are first class. I have attended many showcases over the years, and I would put this one at the top in terms of how it is run, the participating talent, and the amount of attendance from various college programs."
-Jim Leggett

"This was a great opportunity for my son Alex. He had a great showing at the Showcase. We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tim Martin and talking to him. He had some very encouraging words for my son. He’s a great all-around guy. Since this Showcase we’ve had some D1 Universities show some interest in him. I’m very happy and appreciative that my son had the chance to be apart of something this special."
-Reed Gray

"I had the pleasure of attending the Tim Martin Showcase in Chillicothe, OH this year. Tim put on an excellent event for both players and coaches. As a high school player looking for an opportunity to advance to the next level, I would highly consider attending this event. There were a significant number of coaches from different institutions at the next level as well as the professional ranks. As a coach, I was pleased with the amount of talent that was present at the showcase. It was well run and offered each player a great opportunity to get seen. If you are serious about playing at the next level, look no further. This is an excellent chance for you to showcase you skills in front of college coaches looking for players just like you."
-Reed Gray

"The Tim Martin Baseball Showcase afforded my son the opportunity to display his talents and abilities to a myriad of scouts representing each level of college baseball with several professional clubs being present as well. This showcase distinguishes itself as being quite unique in that Tim and his staff are extremely approachable and demonstrate a genuine concern for each player from a truly authentic perspective. As a former high school educator and coach, I value the ability to relate to each player in an individualized manner. Tim and his staff were masterful at following this same philosophy in creating a relaxed environment, which certainly aided in reducing player anxiety. This was a showcase event that displayed a relational atmosphere, yet the talent level of the players represented was very competitive. If you are in search of an event that will enable your son to showcase his baseball talents in pursuit of becoming part of a college baseball program, I recommend the Tim Martin Baseball Showcase."
-Mark Coyan

"Tim is a first-class guy that runs a first-class showcase. Tim's recommendations are always spot on and the talent that he brings in every year never disappoints."
-Brian Brewer

"The question...Which Showcase should I have my son attend can only be answered with another and most important question? Who will he showcase his skill in front of, are they scouts and recruiting coordinators looking for top players? Tim Martins's reputation in the baseball community and for bringing in top talent attracts the scouts your son needs to be seen by. It also attracts the type of players that your son can compete with so they can evaluate their own skills in order to keep challenging themself to be the best player they can become. The coaches on the field are all top-notch baseball guys and help bring out the best in your son.
About Tim Martin. I asked my son after the first day, how did he feel it was going? He replied “Great! Coach Martin makes me feel like I have known him my whole life and we just met today.” Not did you see that play I made or hit I hit or what he ran for his 60 time? Why do I feel that is important enough to say? Because baseball is a game that you need to play loose and confident. Being uptight and nervous only causes doubt and mistakes. If Tim can make the boys feel the way he made my son feel, it will benefit everyone there. The boys will play better and the scouts will see them at their best and the rest will fall into place.
If you have the opportunity to attend the Tim Martin Showcase, don’t let it pass you by. DO IT."
-Gary Rothmund

"Last year I had the chance to bring my grandson to the showcase. As a former MLB player I look for certain things. Player treatment,being fair,good staff,scouts on their jobs. Very organized. If you have the chance ,GO!!!!!. Tim cares about our youth,and he knows the game."

"Tim. Donny thought highly of your showcase. He was impressed on the way it was run. He enjoyed his time playing with some of the top talent in the country. I personally thought that it was a great opportunity to be seen. There were many college and professional scouts in attendance. One of the best showcases we have attended. I wanna thank you for inviting Donny to participate in your event."
-Ted Everett (Clarksville, TN)

"Tim Martin has been helping kids for many years at every level of baseball. Not only does he showcase their abilities but he helps market them onto many different college programs. Tim is now attracting some of the best talent in the Midwest. Tim's showcase is an outstanding recruiting benefit for pro scouts, college coaches, and the student-athlete."
-Brad Warnimont (Head Baseball Coach of the University of Rio Grande)

"Tim Martin's showcase has become a must attend event for me because of the quality of the players. One of the top showcases in the Midwest-- this showcase gets better every year which is why so many colleges and pro scouts attend."
-Rick Williamson (Associate Scout for the Texas Rangers)

"This is no doubt the best bang for your buck on the Showcase Circuit in the Region. Well respected in the Scouting industry, Tim Martin's Showcase is attended on a yearly basis by most of the Ohio Valley region's colleges/universities. You will not find a more sincere or hard working person to help out in your career. Tim will make SURE your son gets the attention he needs while connecting with him on a personal level."
-Jon Adkins (South Texas/South Louisiana Area Scout)

"I have attended numerous showcases and the Tim Martin Showcase is second to none. The time,effort and dedication that's put into the work out truly shows his passion in getting kids to the next level whether it be College or Professional. This will be an annual event that my Indiana Prospects will take part in."
-Shane Stout

"I attended Tim's showcase for the first time this past year. From a college coach's standpoint- it was awesome- well organized, an abundance of great players, a great facility to both watch and play baseball, which is probably why so many college coaches and professional scouts attend it. It will be the first event to set in stone next fall when I make our recruiting calendar."
-Larry Day, Ohio University

"We attended Tim Martin's Ohio showcase in 2013. I want to say this was NOT your standard event! Tim Martin is loaded with baseball knowledge, he's very personable, polite, and approachable to players, parents and coaches. Tim Martin's eye for talent on the field is outstanding, as he notices each players skills during games, and on field events during the course of the showcase. This was the best showcase we have ever been involved with!"
-John Borkovich (St.Clair County Community College Assist Baseball Coach Strength/Conditioning (former))

"Coach Martin's showcase is 2nd to none. If you are a player, this is the event gives you the necessary exposure. As a coach/scout, the players we need to see are all in 1 spot. I highly recommend for all involved to add this to your calendar. Tim Martin has created a MUST attend event."
-Ted Tom (Head Baseball Coach-Shawnee State University)

"Superior person running an elite showcase... It's a no brainer! Coach Tim Martin is a person that I am grateful to have met for many reasons. He does an outstanding job with evaluating talent and giving young men an opportunity to showcase their ability."
-Josh Newman (Marshall University)

"Last year I had a chance to attend Tim Martin's showcase in Chillicothe Ohio. In my 58 years with the Cincinnati Reds as a player, scout, scouting supervisor, and senior special assistant to the Reds general manager, I had a chance to work with young baseball players. Tim Martin shows great passion for the game as well as special attention to all players who attend his showcase.
As a scout, you can see more in a Tim Martin showcase than in a game. As a baseball scout, Tim has great passion for the game, great work ethic, good judgement and good wisdom on player development.
As a person, Tim Martin is a class individual that I have known for many years. If you want to improve your skills, then be sure to attend a Tim Martin showcase."
-Gene Bennett (Retired Scout Cincinnati Reds)

"If you're looking to maximize the dollars you spend and to get your son exposed, Tim's Martin showcase is one of the best in the area. Not only will you perform in front of countless professional scouts and college coaches but you will also get the best experience and most bang for your buck.. Being a professional scout it's a must for me in order to see so many kids from all over the Mid Atlantic region. You won't find a man any better than Tim, and he and his staff do a tremendous job. Don't let this opportunity to pass you by."
-Tim Adkins (Professional Scout, Chicago Cubs)

"I sent my son to Tim Martin's showcase and I could not have been happier. It was big league all the way. The coaches who ran it were efficient, thorough and gave the kids a chance to show their skills. Plenty of pro scouts and college coaches, too.  I've been to many showcases and this is one that serious players should consider."

"Tim Martin is a class act--his showcase is awesome--I always plan on attending--If you want your son to prepare to move on to the next level Tim's showcase is one of the best--hope to see you there."
-Rick Clendenin (Scout -KC Royals)

"What a cool showcase Tim puts on! Tim takes a sincere interest in each player. The atmosphere and location is classic baseball @ the Paints Stadium. Players learn from the experience of Tim and the other college and pro scouts that he draws. This was a great opportunity for learning and exposure for my son Roman. Well worth his time and investment. If you get an invite, capitalize on it and go!"
-Rick Millem

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Martin for the past couple years and you will not find a more personable, sincere, kind, and respected person in the Ohio Valley Baseball community. His showcases are professionally run where your child will be treated as a "Name", not just a "Number". Quickly becoming one of the top showcases in the region for Professional Scouts and College Recruiters alike."
-John Pyle (Area Scout-Ohio Valley)

"The very straight-forward concept of Tim Martin's showcase is a testimony to why youngsters should want to participate. Having talented young players able to be seen in comparison to each other and seen by a variety of scouts and college coaches is so healthy. It benefits the player, the parents, the scouts the coaches all at the same time. When you add the instruction into the equation, the sensibility of why to attend -- is complete. Tim, himself, has gained many admirers over the years because of what the showcase does and for the first-class way in which he repeatedly accomplishes these goals."
-Branch B. Rickey

"I'm not a great writer, but I am a great judge of character and what I witnessed this past weekend was just that! Tim Martin and his staff are the genuine articles! Not only was this the most efficiently structured showcase, with smooth transitions from station to station these guys were able to do it in a laid back sort of way. They truly kept the kids comfortable, and at ease, and listening to the encouragement they offered to them took a lot of stress off the kids and me as a parent. Can't say enough about this experience! If you get the opportunity to attend a Tim Martin showcase, I highly recommend you take the drive no matter how far away you have to travel because it's a life experience worth any distance traveled!"
-Fred Raikes

"Tim and his showcase exceeded our expectations! The showcase was well run and well attended by players, colleges, and pro scouts. I would recommend this showcase to anyone interested being seen to get to the next level. Tim pays attention and interacts with the players. He even stayed in contact with my son after the showcase to assist with advice and making connections with colleges. You don't typically see that happen in showcases today. Thank you Tim. Well done!"
-Scott Stewart

"I am a father, and a former coach of a select Missouri-based baseball organization. One of the things I am most concerned with is who my son is around and/or affiliated with, both on and off the field. I could not have picked a better place than Tim's showcase(s). He and his staff are beyond professional and personable, catering to each player's specific needs, promoting and allowing them to grow both as athletes and individuals. I personally have watched Tim and his staff groom the (initially nervous) young talent around him, which in turn prepared them to perform at their peak, during times and in situations requiring them to do so. After 2 years of myself and my son attending his events, I now have grown my relationship with Tim to the point where I consider him to be as much a part of our family, as he has been a coach and mentor to my son (Devan "DJ" Stewart - Westminster c/o 2017).
-Dale McClain

"My son Noah Laurent (starting shortstop for division 1 power Gahannna Lincoln) attended the recent Tim Martin Showcase on 9/17 and 9/18 in Chillicothe. Noah ran a 7.15 60 and fielded his ground balls cleanly in day one. In the game on day 2, Noah went 3-4 with three hard hit singles to center, left center and right. Noah stole two bases. He made all of his defensive plays in the field as well for a .1000 fielding percentage. At many of these events, the focus seems to be on the pitchers and the radar guns. Were my son's results shared with the college coaches and pro scouts who attended? It looked as though attendance on day 2 (the day of my son's game) was lower. Do you provide a full summary of the game results to the coaches and scouts?"
-Michael Laurent

"Tim Martin's showcase is The Best in The Midwest hands down!!!! I've been to a lot of showcases in the past 8 yrs and Mr. Martin's is a Class Act. Your son will see a Pro style workout with Pro and College scouts in attendance!!! We went not knowing what to expect and finding Tim Martin has a Passion and Love to Help kids reach The next level after High School!!! Do not miss this Showcase in 2017!!!! "
-Mike Mathis

"Coach Martin and his staff had many players at his showcase. As a parent, I was worried that my son may get over-looked with so many players there. However, Tim and his staff identified themselves to each and every player and made them all feel comfortable and confident. We look forward to next year's showcase! "
-Mike Ulizzi